The Ohio Center for Industrial Energy Efficiency (OCIEE) is collaboration between the Ohio Office of Energy and the major utilities in the state. OCIEE’s mission is to provide Best Practices training, and technology demonstration for Ohio’s energy intensive companies. The overall goal is to make Ohio manufacturers competitive in domestic and world markets.

The program was established in 2009 by the US Department of Energy to assist industrial companies in adopting energy efficiency.  Today, its activities are coordinated by Graphet Data Mining in service of the Ohio Energy Office to:

  • Continue to serve as an outreach mechanism for energy efficiency best practices
  • Deliver the energy efficiency products and services developed by Ohio Energy Office to Ohio companies in a cost-effective manner;
  • Integrate DOE products and Services into Ohio’s program for industrial energy efficiency as the basis for a continuing statewide effort.


OCIEE and its utility partners provide Best Practices training workshops across Ohio each year.  Workshops focus on improving efficiency and waste reduction in energy intensive systems and are led by instructors with extensive practical background experience. Information on upcoming events can be found at

OCIEE also provides outreach for energy efficiency project financing, state funded energy programs and training opportunities at the Ohio Energy Management Conference held each year in Columbus, Ohio. Case studies are presented to highlight results of Ohio’s Energy Efficiency Programs.